Summer on a Plate

Summer on a Plate


Wherever you are, summer is a time to savor longer days and lazy weekends. Fresh produce abounds, and life moves at a more relaxed pace. 

In Summer on a Plate, you’ll find more than 120 delicious, no-fuss recipes for memorable meals from Loaves and Fishes.

Anna Pump and Gen LeRoy
Copyright ©2008


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"Every one of Anna's recipes is a showstopper! I couldn't wait to see this book all summer long while I was feasting on the food from Loaves & Fishes. You'll love it as much as I do." -- Sheila Lukins, coauthor, The Silver Palate Cookbooks, and food editor at Parade Magazine

"We continue to be devout customers of the wonderful Loaves & Fishes, and now we have an added bonus...a book with Anna's mouthwatering recipes." -- Julie Andrews