Bridgehampton Inn & Restaurant Look + Cook Book

Bridgehampton Inn & Restaurant Look + Cook Book


The Bridgehampton Inn Restaurant and Loaves & Fishes Cookshop reside on a shared compound in the historical and picturesque year round beach community of Bridgehampton, Long Island NY.

Beautiful action photography of our food and cocktails will capture your attention and beg you into the kitchen or bar to make each creation your own.

Sybille van Kempen
With Chef Brian Szostak
And Mixologist Kyle Fengler
Copyright ©2019


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Simplified recipe instructions are enhanced by a restaurant kitchen style glossary, quick link video techniques and live access to shopping.

Photographs by Conor Harrigan
Design by Maria Lavezzo

“I was never a fan of complicated wordy recipes; a good recipe can be simply written or stated.” --Chef Brian Szostak

“Treat yourself to this book, and when you are next in Bridgehampton treat yourself to a stay, a dinner, or a drink!” --Julie B. Breene, Bridgehampton Museum Curator & Southampton Town Historian